Transport Medical Chairs and Stretchers

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A flexible medical chair completes the outcome of the patient experience and equips them to be content while receiving treatment in clinical services. They are aesthetically pleasing yet functional, and offer efficiency in many environments such as fast track emergencies, doctors’ rooms, clinics, and day operations


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Designed with expert quality, these transport seats are robust, highly portable and can be adjusted by a health professional. 

These seated procedure chairs and stretchers are used for a variety of contexts:

  • Day Oncology
  • Emergency
  • Day Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Biopsy
  • Blood donation
  • Pathology
  • So much more!

Our products include many features including adjustable headrests, sockets for additions, removable cushions, large weight limit and full electric capacity.

Medical Chair Accessories 

We also stock a range of other pieces for these transport seats, which enable your employees to safely and effectively do their job. These removable items are made to be comfortable in the best interest of those your staff are caring for. With these items, your staff can attend to injuries or illnesses swiftly:

  • IV Pole
  • Foot Board
  • Oxy Holder
  • Meal Tray
  • Arm Board
  • Padded Armrest
  • Should and wrist support.

For an assortment of designs created to better care for the injured and ill, browse below and contact us for further information.