Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys

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These fully welded quality stainless steel instrument medical trolleys are ideal for use when undertaking vital clinical and surgical procedures. We carry a wide assortment of products that are built to withstand the rigorous use experienced in a therapeutic context.


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With four manoeuvrable locking wheels, these are easily moved from each bed and rooms throughout a ward. The seamless shape means there are no crevasses, so safety is well in check because there is nowhere for infections to hide. 

Hygienic Instrument Trolleys 

For hospitals or other restorative settings that need stability and durability during patient care, blood collection or pathology, our dressing trolleys help in various roles. Some of the features include:

  • With or without rails
  • A variety of drawers
  • No storage
  • Side-by-side and single
  • Nesting
  • Plaster set-up. 

Our stainless steel instrument trolleys and carts' significant designs feature rounded corners that lessen any damage should there be any impact with other objects. Given our knowledge and expertise in the field, we stock only the items that comply with Australian standards so they can be used across clinics and hospital environments.

To discover more about each of our listings, style, colour and variations, browse below and find what's right for your service.