High-grade Medical Trolleys

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A hospital trolley is invaluable for safe transport and secure storage of vital clinical supplies.

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As one of the top sellers of medicinal devices, Select Patient Care has a diverse assortment of equipment that serve an array of portable functions. As your trusted supplier, we only provide high-quality items from some of the most respected brands leading the way for reliability in everyday routines or critical situations.

Looking for Medical Equipment Carts?

Whether for medical procedures, dental centres, aged person homes or nursing schools, our wide variety is effortlessly manoeuvrable. They easily store and enable the distribution of pharmaceuticals, dressing wounds, delivering food to bedsides, holding files, resuscitation and a plethora of other purposes.

Our children's choices bring a little joy and cheerful colour to little ones who are healing in a ward or emergency room, while still being practical and smoothly handled. Tones can be customised to meet your requirements. 

Browse through our range, which we have stocked with the user's needs at our forefront.