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Carts & Trolleys



Height adjustable rounds trolley or laptop cart.


i-move with Lockable Drawer

Our height adjustable rounds trolley with a secure locking drawer.


i-move Chart Trolley

This chart trolley will maximise your working space with effortless positioning.


Viva Emerge

High visibility cart available with a package of specialised emergency accessories.


Viva Sedate

Be organised and have your vital surgery supplies secure and close with this Anaesthesia cart.


Viva Proceed

The perfect all-rounder, currently used everywhere from the smallest to largest facilities.


Folding Cart

Shift clinical items quickly and effortlessly with healthcare's most popular clever, compact folding cart.



Domus Chair/Bed

Primarily a modern styled sofa, however unfolds out to be a quality bed. For use in areas such as palliative care and maternity.


Contour Recline

A procedure chair with every detail carefully considered.


Contour Recline Vertex

A procedure chair with accurate head positioning and clear access.


Recline IV Pole

Height adjustable, non-rotational pole that fits all four corners of the chair and with under-top storage option.


Recline Dropdown Foot Board

Removable and foldable foot rest.


Recline Meal Tray

Solid tray constructed from medical grade plastic, moulded with cup and meal positions.


Recline Padded Armrest

Thick clip-on pads to soften the dropside armrests.


Shoulder Support

Lightweight removable frame with thick pads to fill in the corners outside of the Vertex headrest for pillow support.


Wrist Support

Sturdy support that mounts onto the end of the Vertex headrest and is height adjustable.

Pressure Care



Whilst we have a substantial range and combinations of Forte mattresses available, we have decided for simplicity to show you the ones that really matter - best value for money with the highest patient comfort levels and outcomes.


Positioning Cushions

Abecca positioning support cushions are designed to keep the patient comfortable in their lying and sitting positions whilst reducing pressure and encouraging natural posture. Benefit by quality welded stretch covers, clear positioning markings and a carefully designed core.


High Care Gel Mattress

A mattress that exceeds the guidelines for high performance support surfaces.


Critical Care Powered Mattress

The leader in palliative care and pain management with a unique powered comfort system.


Trolley Mattress

Excellent durability, pressure relieving comfort and performance for patient trolleys.


Premium Trolley Mattress

A high performance mattress with outstanding durability and patient support for demanding acute environments.


Concave Heel Wedge

A contoured leg support that inhibits lateral movement, elevating and providing optimal support for the calf and foot.


Lateral Positioning Cushion

Helps to reduce pressure on the trochanter and encourages a 30° side lying position to assist in reducing full body pressure.


Patient Wedge

Body positioning device effective in redistributing pressure, providing effective side/forward positioning and roll over.


Patient Leg Support

Designed for use when a patient is sitting in a chair to give support to the legs, at the same time off loading pressure from the heels.


Double Heel Wedge

Elevates the entire length of the lower leg avoiding pressure and ensuring access and aeration for draining ulcers.


Heel/Elbow Pad

Provides support for the leg to help reduce pressure on the heels, or for the lower arm to relieve the elbow.

Beds & Trolleys


Contour Portare

An ultra-low electric transport stretcher custom-designed by Modsel at an affordable price.


Contour Portare-X

An ultra-low electric trauma stretcher with totally unobstructed x-ray tunnel.


Contour Classic

The most flexible platform available for a transport stretcher.


Contour Multi-X

Custom trauma trolley designed and built to work in any emergency system.


Contour Endosurge

The endoscopy stretcher with quick and easy patient positioning.


Contour Barituff

Our 500kg SWL, extra-wide, electric stretcher designed for Bariatric patients.


Contour Orbit-Drive

Taking patient transport to a new level in carer welfare with NEW zero effort, 4-way power drive.


Split Dropsides

Enhance access to either the head or foot end of the patient without compromising safety.


Flush Fold Dropsides

Mount the standard dropside to fold down flush with trolley top, allowing slide transfer of mattress or horizontal x-ray.


Trolley IV Poles

Include a standard removable or fold down IV Pole with your trolley.


End Board

An end board that can help to retain the mattress, patient or be used as a higher pushing position.


Dropdown Foot Board

Padded fold-down foot board to increase the length of the patient surface.


Knee Break

With both electric or manual operated options, the knee raises 150mm for patient comfort during recovery or long stay.

Wire Storage


Wire Bins

Simplify your storage with our safer Selcare wire bins, designed to work in with existing wall mount louver panels or on our unique wire mounting system, with a variety of stacking, divider and labeling options.

Ward Equipment


Stacking IV Pole

Save space and store twice as many IV's in almost the same floor area.


Premium Stacking IV Pole

Highest quality, weighted stacking IV Pole.


Overbed Table - Gas Lift

A lightweight, mobile table with an effortless, gas adjustable height to use over beds and chairs.


Folding Cart

Shift clinical items quickly and effortlessly with healthcare's most popular clever, compact folding cart.