Stretch Repair Patches

Product Code

  • Large Pack - 10 x 88mm Square & 10 x 50mm Round - MP-L1
  • Small Pack - 2 x 88mm Square & 1 x 50mm Round - MP-S1
  • Carton of 10 - 10 x Rectangle (152 x 88mm) - MP-SL-10
  • Carton of 20 - 20 x 88mm Square - MP-SM-20
  • Carton of 30 - 30 x 50mm Round - MP-SS-30
  • Variety Pack - 5 x 50mm Round, 3 x 88mm Square & 2 x Rectangle (152 x 88mm) - MP-S-VK


  • Easy to apply - clean, remove backing and stick
  • Long lasting repair - permanent, fluid resistant adhesive
  • Flexible and tough - strong, thin stretchable material
  • Anti-bacterial - hygienic, hospital grade surface
  • 88mm square and 50mm round

This TGA Certified Selcare patch system is made from a thin PU stretch material to allow it to move and form with the soft pressure relieving materials commonly used to cover patient trolley, stretcher and hospital bed mattresses, hover beds, bath bed liners and comfort chairs. Cover up difficult shapes or repair abrasions, holes and tears whilst retaining maximum comfort for the patient. Simply apply to damaged equipment covered in pressure relieving stretch PU materials to extend the working life of the product at a much more economical cost than fully recovering. CleanPatch provides a hygienic, fluid proof, low profile finish. 

Watch the video above to see the effectiveness of this system.

There are very few products that have such an immeadiate impact on both cost savings and patient safety. Make up to 20 repairs for less than the cost of a new mattress!

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