Medical Beds and Stretchers

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Our general-purpose, economical, customisable and easily manoeuvrable trolleys are created as a long-term, safe investment for your clinical, aged or hospital service. Produced to last, our classic and deluxe model medical beds come with various options to ensure patient comfort in the ward or on the go during transportation or hygiene assistance.

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The stretchers offer a flexible platform that caters to your department's operational efficiency, your nursing team and orderly workload and OHS requirements.

Hospital Stretchers, Built to Last

While it’s essential to us patients feeling at ease, we are also focused on quality solutions for busy rooms where you have confidence in your equipment quality. The frames are durable, and the central locking wheels secure the medical beds so they remain safe long-term. 

Compared to other brands, ours are the whole package – designed for great value and the well-being and daily care of the ill and injured. We believe in providing products that you can tailor to your client base, with an extensive range of flexibility and better access for surgeons and treating staff. 

Scroll through our choice of trolleys or ask us for more information today so you can select what's right for your service.