Protran Mattress
Protran Mattress

Contour Mattress Protran

Product Code

  • 50mm; PT-CM-50-PT
  • 50mm Narrow; PT-CM-50-PTN
  • 50mm Wide; PT-CM-50-PTW
  • 75mm; PT-CM-75-PT
  • 75mm Narrow; PT-CM-75-PTN
  • 75mm Wide; PT-CM-75-PTW
  • 100mm; PT-CM-100-PT
  • 100mm Narrow; PT-CM-100-PTN
  • 100mm Wide; PT-CM-100-PTW
  • Standard Mattress (truncated end)
  • Portare Mattress (square ends)


  • Standard 75mm thick transfer / procedure mattress
  • Fully welded, quality stretch cover
  • Single foam layer for optimum imaging
  • 50mm and 100mm thickness options

This mattress is made in a single, medium density foam section to facilitate easier patient transfer, reducing density for clear imaging and has a thinner 50mm option to help reduce x-ray magnification. It is only recommended for short stay patients. Depending on the procedure requirements, the mattress may also be supplied in a 100mm version.


Length - 1900mm
Width (Standard) - 680mm
Width (Narrow) - 570mm
Width (Wide) - 830mm
Thickness - 75mm standard, 50mm and 100mm optional
Cover - Welded two way stretch, vapour permeable
Warranty - 2 years

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