Procedure Chairs

Choose the best medical Procedure Chair for Patient Care

Fitting seamlessly into the existing Contour range, through Modsel we have re-designed and built a patient trolley that sits into an upright position. The more compact design increases working space, along with optimum features, such as a very low transfer height, excellent raised working height and lying completely flat with emergency head down tilt.

A medical stretcher chair with a wide range of applications

The specialised medical transport chair may be used in many environments such as ED or fast track emergency, treatment rooms, medical clinics, aged care and as a day surgery or examination chair. No matter where you are using it in your clinic, each medical chair will be a welcome addition to quality patient care and dedicated efficiency.

The procedure and transport chair that is easy to use

There is an integrated quick release system on the backrest with a release on both sides, for emergency lowering and CPR. Our Modsel stretcher chair is powered by our well proven cordless rechargeable battery system, lasting many days of normal use. An auto raise push handle provides ergonomically friendly assistance for the carer and removes all the traditional push-pull movement normally transferred to the patient. The welded, pressure relieving cushions are fully removable for easy cleaning and customised patient comfort. Highly visible, and accessible pedals are on both sides to engage a steer castor or securely position the patient, centrally locking all four castors. The quality 150mm twin wheel castors take maneuverability to a whole new level. Release a colour coded drop side with one of the two catch handles and it will glide away to a zero transfer gap. Accessory sockets on all four corners provide locations for items such as height adjustable IV poles and oxy bottle holders. 

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Achieve World Class Patient Care in your practice with the Contour Recline, Australia's own procedure chair. Feel free to call us at any time with any questions you may have to make your experience more streamlined.

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