Durable Hospital Beds for all Wards

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You cannot do any better than our selection of Alrick hospital beds. These have been designed through Australian medical professionals' feedback. Even better is that they are 100% backed up in after-sales assistance with guaranteed service and parts.

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These designs have been manufactured to improve patients' lives and those who attend to them. New technology empowers patients, especially those recuperating at home, to have their own personalised style and functionality. These items are just one element of our comprehensive service, where supplies must meet OHS requirements.

Hospital Beds for Dignity & Restfulness

Available for convenient delivery, these cots offer the feel of homely normality with their added decorative ends. These are particularly good for people who have long term illnesses, or are treated in their homes or in senior centres. 

As speciality suppliers and distributors of healthcare equipment, we are all about enhancing the vitality of those experiencing illness or injury. We believe in ensuring they experience the comfort they deserve as they recover or experience palliative nursing. 

Browse below and discover our floorline, standard, bariatric and dual offerings, along with a variety of accessories.