Viva All-Terrain
Viva All-Terrain

Viva All-Terrain easy move

Product Code

  • 5 Drawer; CT-RC-VAT1010-5D
  • 5 Drawer package; CT-RC-VAT1010-5DP
  • Wheels only as an accessory; CT-CA-VA-ATV
  • Large push handles only as an accessory; CT-CA-VA-LPH


  • Light-weight and very maneuverable
  • Extra large 200mm puncture proof wheels
  • Lockable aluminium drawer system
  • Large, vertical push handles
  • Many accessories available to customise
  • Base size - 845mm W x 640mm D
  • Standard height including castors - 1090mm
  • 75mm, 155mm and 235mm lockable drawers

Agility for the patient. For use in both in and outdoor applications. This crash cart will easily traverse uneven ground or become the easiest unit to push throughout hospital corridors. It is available as the resus cart only (to be customised how you need it), or with a full package of emergency accessories including IV Pole, Defibrillator Shelf, CPR Board, Sharps Container Set and Oxygen Tank Holder. The large wheels or push handle may be added to other cart sizes and styles as an accessory.

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