Resus Trolleys

Providing Crash Carts in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Reassure your patient with a highly visible resus cart loaded with every vital accessory to ensure a fast response. The agile design of these crash carts allows staff to move quickly and safely to a current crisis. The ideal addition to your hospitals’ equipment supply, our resus trolley range is robust and durable, made from the best quality hospital-grade equipment.

For every medical need

We offer a selection of different resus carts, which are designed to accommodate a variety of needs. The Viva Emerge is built specifically for trauma, critical care and resuscitation, and it comes complete with a number of emergency accessories. The medical crash carts will provide assurance for the patient, and with a high level of maneuverability, it'll get to where it needs to go – fast. No matter what your hospital or emergency department requires, we have the right resuscitation trolley in stock – and are able to advise on a clear-cut solution for your medical supply.

Resus carts that provide ease of use

For those times when you may need to navigate rough ground, the Viva All-Terrain is ideal. This resus trolley is light-weight and easy to maneuver, and the large puncture-proof wheels aid in preventing any delays.

With a large collection of different accessories available (including CPR boards, C-size oxy tank holders, defibrillator shelves, IV poles and a range of storage solutions), these resus carts can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

Contact us for further information

We are able to provide you with comprehensive assistance in finding the right model of your needs and are able to give a demonstration of each product – whether you’re purchasing transport trolleys or IV poles – so you can be assured you have chosen the right product for you.

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