Linen Carts and Trolleys

Handle both wet and dry linen with ease, using reliable, quality equipment. Efficiency is everything in the collection and distribution of these supplies, which play a critical part in the recovery of your patient.

Hospital laundry trolleys play an important role in quick, efficient and hygienic collection and distribution of bed linens, towels and more. By designing and producing a hospital trolley range that features easy to clean frames, high capacity drawers, bags and tubs, and simple manoeuvrability, Select Patient Care is helping allied health professionals and auxiliary workers to deliver patients the clean, fresh linens they need for optimal recovery.

Our flagship range includes four essential categories of hospital trolleys; soiled linen, clean linen, wet and dry linen, and other carts and trolleys for fast and efficient clearing and/or delivery. A variety of designs and weight/volume capacities are available to suit the scale of your hospital or outpatient facility.

To find the hospital linen trolley that best suits your organisation's needs, click on the images above or call Select Patient Care on 1800 805 729.

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