Our Products & Development

At Select Patient Care we listen. We take on board the voice of our finest healthcare professionals, nurses and carers to create and source designs to exceed patient care expectations. We have kept our focus on products that are used by the carer to provide World Class Patient Care. With quality and safety the corner stone, our desire is to offer products that ensure success throughout the entire organisation. 
  • Designed and built by us for the rigours of daily hospital use, our Contour Patient Trolley range is fully customisable so they can be easily adapted to specific departmental needs.
  • Our Contour Recline Procedure Chairs can be used across multiple environments including fast track emergency, treatment rooms, medical clinics, aged care and as a day surgery or examination chair.
  • Our Aqua Bath Beds have been developed for patient comfort, safety, hygiene and ease of use.
  • Our Medical Cart range includes computer carts, procedure carts, theatre carts, dressing and instrument trolleys and resus carts equipped for specific use.
  • We have a range of Wire Storage bins, dividers, shelving and baskets in stock along with custom dust cover designs.
  • We have many Clinical Products to suit all areas of the healthcare industry.
Efficiency, safety and best practice is discovered over time through real-world experience. We strive to spend as much time as possible within the Healthcare workspace learning from professionals and watching standard routines. Innovative solutions are arrived at and brought to reality through the honest criticism and advice of personnel from all levels of the industry including procurement, management, patient carer’s and maintenance.
  • The relationships we hold with our customers is of utmost importance to us. We understand that in whatever the circumstances, the ‘customer is king’.
  • We welcome direct feedback from the market in relation to both our products and service. This is the only way we can intelligently grow our business.
  • Research and development is the cornerstone of our company. We have a continuous program to ensure our products remain alongside the world leaders.

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