Our Commitment & Partners

We are fully committed to continuous improvement in quality, safety and protecting the environment. We will develop, maintain and improve our management systems in line with best practices across the globe. By maintaining a culture of care within our organisation, we know it can only positively reflect when spread throughout our supply chain and will finally assist in facilitating World Class Patient Care.
  • An internal emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of our staff along with product quality systems and a program of continuous improvement will result in our customer’s satisfaction.
  • We understand that there are critical standards and legislation to comply with, to ensure we reduce risk to our customers, when working with us.
  • Our desire is to become a leader in promoting environmentally sustainable practices and products by supporting all stakeholders to achieve excellence in environmental management.
For our customer to rely on us completely, it is important who we work with behind the scenes. We have a long list of external companies who have been approved through our selection processes and either supply us or distribute our products. Your organisation’s efficiency, staff safety and ultimate patient satisfaction is not only arrived at through our input alone, but through the solid, long term relationships we maintain with our many valued partners.
  • Whatever product we provide, whether it be local, interstate or international, it all hinges on the quality of our supply chain.
  • The national strength of our company lies in our approved distribution partners, who each exclusively supply our products within their States or Territories.
  • Through genuine enquiries and a desire for our products internationally, we have acquired a network of partners around the globe.

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