Our Approach & Capabilities

With a vision of helping carers to deliver, we must be the first choice for our customers when requiring assistance. This means our internal structure must be right. We have a continual focus on growing our team skills and are supporting them with the best in facilities and system technology. Our location and service model is highly important to effectively support our wide spread of valued customers.
  • We understand that the quality and skills of our team is the key to a positive experience when you work with us.
  • Our Facilities & Software are up to date to ensure a consistent outcome. From your initial enquiry to receipt of goods, we know our operational efficiency is paramount.
  • We have a variety of transport solutions, to ensure all customer requirements are adequately met, from sales and service needs to product delivery.
  • Our factory is strategically located to strongly support our retail customers and has a smooth system for wider distribution.
We are positioned uniquely in the Healthcare industry with a solid combination of in-house manufacturing, buy and sell lines and export. This has ensured our long term stability and provides a platform that you can put your trust and confidence in. We are able to offer a high level of customisation, world class products and consistent supply that meets current demands driven by progress or expansion. 
  • We deliver a superior supply and aftersales support for the Patient Trolleys, Shower Trolleys, IT Carts and Procedure Chairs that we have designed and manufacture ourselves.
  • Selected clinical products, including our large range of Medical Carts, we supply exclusively into QLD via distribution agreements.
  • Working with established Healthcare companies based in other countries around the globe, we successfully export our manufactured Patient Trolleys and Procedure Chairs.
  • We have focused on our supply chain, stock and factory efficiency to be able to service all customers, from the smallest clinics to the largest hospitals.

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