PA requires a special response cart... so we design the Viva All-Terrain

PA Hospital had special carts configured and parked in strategic places to offer rapid response anywhere on site - indoors or outdoors. They proved to be heavy, cumbersome and the wheels didn't track or roll smoothly. There was also an abundance of accessories and cables that needed to be restrained. Our Viva Emerge resus carts had the basic features to form a platform, but didn't meet all the critical criteria to vastly improve what was all ready in use. We went to the drawing board and designed what was really needed - which has now become an attractive solution for so many others! New features for the package included large 200mm diametre, airless puncture proof tyres shaped to glide, greater spacing on the wheel track for more stability, large twin grip push handles, lightweight aluminium drawer system for the lightest cart, yet retaining the strongest and most robust outer body and a unique cable bridge with ample storage hooks. Let us work with you to transform your daily cart difficulties into something that is reliable and a pleasure to use.      

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