Who are the best medical equipment suppliers in Queensland? (Reviews/ Ratings)

Each year, we at Select Patient Care spend time servicing and providing solutions to healthcare specialists all around Queensland with respect to their clinical knowledge. Having been present in the market for over 20 years, our customers really know our thoughts and feelings on all things medical and often ask us who are some of the other suppliers in the area?

We’re never ones to shy away from being transparent and honest with you with respect to competition and we want our customers to be as informed as possible.

Below is a list of some of the companies that have a solid history in supplying medical equipment throughout Queensland, in no particular order.

Midmed Pty Ltd – Medical Equipment & Consumables

Having been around for years, Midmed Pty Ltd is located in Brisbane, Queensland and offers everything from medical consumables for wound care to specialised furniture for patient comfort.

The company can also equip emergency responders with pre-hospital equipment and corporate businesses with first aid kits.

Active Medical Supplies

Located in Cannon Hill Queensland, Active Medical has also been in the area for many years.

The company's range includes products in care, comfort for the patient and project cost efficiency.

Aidacare – Mobility & Healthcare Equipment

Spread nationally across Australia, Aidacare assists in the Hospital, Residential Aged-Care. Home and Community Care and Rehabilitation sectors.

Mediquip Pty Ltd

Another supplier common to the area of Queensland is Mediquip. The company specialise in providing innovative and quality products to their customers with a large service division as well.

What about product brands?

Every medical equipment supplier has their own portfolio of brands that can ultimately affect things such as price, quality, supply and the level of service an organisation can provide to you. But how do you know if the company you choose to purchase from has reliable connections with their brands? Well, there are a few key things to look out for before you decide to buy through a retailer. Firstly, is the company being transparent and honest with you, meaning do they have their brand partners clearly listed on their website with enough information to provide peace-of-mind? Is the retailer in a convenient location for quick and easy servicing and maintenance? What type of after sales service on the products does the business offer? 

If you’re confident in the business you’ve chosen, you can start to take a closer look at the brands they work with and decide whether they are the correct supplier for your needs. When choosing who you are going to create long-lasting partnerships with, it can be said that a lot of facilities will choose to work with companies that reflect their own core values and work ethic. It’s important to remember that you should always feel comfortable to ask any questions about the products you're purchasing, where they’ve come from, and to never shy away from the transparency that you deserve to have between yourself and your chosen supplier.

Have you ever wondered what brands Select work with?

Well, we’ve carefully curated a collection of quality brands through our long-term and close relationships with other like minded designers and manufacturers of specialty healthcare products.

You can view our list of Select approved brands here.

So, these are four other companies to consider if you’re seeking quotes for new medical equipment in the Queensland area, we hope this article was able to provide you with alternative suppliers to choose from so you come out the other side with the right equipment for your facility, staff and most importantly your patients.


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