How much do medical carts cost in Queensland?

Here at Select Patient Care, our mission as educators in the medical industry is to answer all questions no matter the agenda with complete transparency for the healthcare professionals we work with.

The most common question on everyone’s mind is… Cost.

Whether you’re after resuscitation, medication, stainless or anaesthesia carts, people want to know how much they’re going to spend as there is sometimes a black hole surrounding cart pricing. 

We’re going to answer all the most common questions we get asked about the price of carts in Queensland.

How much does a cart cost?

With the medical cart market size expected to grow significantly from 2020 to 2026 it's difficult to put one price towards this ever-changing product range. However, on average a medical cart could end up costing anywhere from $750 up to $3,500.

There are some key variables that could affect the initial price of a cart such as; size and shape, cart accessories, level of customisation and materials.

What are the different ranges of carts

Medical carts are primarily used in hospitals for charting, medication and anaesthesia delivery in surgical procedures. There are several different ranges of carts available on the Queensland market;

  • Rounds Trolleys
  • Stainless Trolleys
  • Resuscitation Carts 
  • Anaesthetic Carts 
  • Procedure Carts
  • Isolation Carts 
  • Medication Carts 
  • Computer Carts 
  • Children’s Carts 
  • File Carts
  • Wire Trolleys 
  • Linen Trolleys 
  • Serving & Utility Carts 

Height and Size of Cart

The height and size of your cart can ultimately affect the final price. Usually there will only be one or two sizes available in each of the most common ranges- as this is where larger quantities are purchased thus affecting price due to supply versus demand.

Different materials of Carts 

As you may have already expected, different materials can ultimately affect the price of a cart. For example, stainless steel carts are best known for their resistance to corrosive disinfectants that can typically be found in a hospital setting, and the level of durability they offer. Alternatively, plastic carts are likely to be more affordable however are less likely to be resistant to chemicals and heat. 

Customised Drawer Layouts

Customising your cart above the standard layout and adding custom configurations can increase the initial price. However, you are receiving a product that now meets the exact requirements for your facility, staff and patients which can bring about efficiencies.

Cart accessories 

A sometimes hidden price changer is cart accessories. Depending on the amount and type of accessories you choose with the purchase of your cart, the price can be substantially impacted from the original base unit cost. There is a preconceived notion that some carts come standard with accessories and in some cases where this could be true, there might also be costs built into your initial price to cover the cost of ‘standardising’ a model with accessories. 

You can view the Select range of carts here at anytime.


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