Support where it’s needed most

Thursday, 2 May, 2019

We know that for healthcare professionals, the safety and comfort of your patients is the number one priority and finding positioning products that you can trust will support this immense responsibility is critical…

That’s why, at Select Patient Care we only partner with like-minded manufacturers who put the patient and carer experience above all else – developing quality products that help healthcare professionals improve the lives of the patients in their care.

Ensuring patient safety and comfort is a monumental task, and it’s important that health professionals have the right products available to facilitate this. Positioning cushions are an essential component in protecting patients from skin and pressure injuries - the contact patients have with different medical surfaces and the way in which their bodies are positioned, can have a significant impact on health and recovery.

Positioning cushions must be thoughtfully designed to keep patients comfortable in a variety of positions, while reducing pressure and encouraging natural posture. These cushions are also helpful when it comes to dressing, changing and safeguarding patients against pain.

Some of the important features that should be considered are;

  • The best angles and contoured shapes for correct positioning
  • Optimal support with high quality, multi-layered memory foams
  • Stretch polyurethane covers that are soft to touch and fluid proof
  • Fully welded seams to prevent harbouring of bacteria
  • Internal bead liners and removed zip sliders where required
  • Non-skid bases to prevent slipping away from the patient while in use
  • Clearly marked guides and information for easy and exact use

We know that it’s the little things that matter when it comes to looking after patients, and we’re proud to provide the products that can help you make a difference. Please get in touch if you’d like more information on how our Abecca positioning cushion range can support you.

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