Case Study - Southeast Queensland Facility

Friday, 3 December, 2021

Primary result achieved with the help of Select Patient Care...

An Emergency Department in a Southeast Queensland facility were looking to purchase more equipment to keep up with the demand in an ever-growing facility. The staff were looking to expand on their range of emergency patient trolleys to adequately cater for the influx of patients in the busy facility.

The client in this case knew exactly what was needed to achieve this and Select were ready to assist in delivering whatever was required. The Contour Multi-X was the chosen patient trolley as the model had previously worked well in their emergency environment. This emergency trolley features our unique InfineX tracking which allowed for total unobstructed head to toe clearance for effortless and efficient X-ray cassette positioning making it an ideal candidate for any ED department. The team at Select provided great customer service while going above and beyond to facilitate the right equipment for the department. Not to mention we can help you get the most out of your expensive x-ray systems by building to suit the brand and equipment currently being used. With a wide variety of accessory mounts and colour options to choose from the Contour Multi-X feels right at home in any ED department.

“Our experience has always been exceptional. We have had great support with quick quotes, genuine consideration to our needs and expedient delivery of ordered/ purchased products”- Monica (ED Department), Southeast Queensland Facility.

What challenges were being faced?

Having enough equipment for an ever-growing facility

What were the key features of the product?

Products which have previously worked well in our emergency department

Any other key reasons for choosing Select?

Great customer service, Lyndon goes above and beyond to facilitate equipment for our department



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