Case Study - Metro South Facility

Monday, 4 October, 2021

Primary results achieved by Select Patient Care.

A facility in Metro South noticed the need for a more suitable and durable surface for their trolleys and patients in their emergency department. The old mattresses were tearing and weren’t providing adequate pressure relieving properties. The team here at Select knew just what was needed to overcome this challenge. The Premium Trolley Mattress was compatible with the trolleys and the facility have been replacing the old mattresses for over a year now with positive results.

The Premia Mattresses are supported by a 5-layered high performance core with a 40- 300kg therapeutic support load. This proved beneficial to the department as it was able to tick the boxes in providing pressure area care for their patients, not to mention affordable in price. The mattresses came standard with a Premiflex cover which provided extra protection to patients at risk of injury without compromising support in crucial areas. The facility was happy with the successful outcome and can now offer their emergency patients that extra level of comfort and protection.

“We have been replacing our Select Mattress fleets and Select staff have always been prompt with quotes and supply and communication is exceptional”- Fiona, Metro South Facility

What challenges were being faced?

We needed replacement mattresses for the Select trolleys in the department.

What were the key features of the product?

Designed specifically to suit the trolley. This and provides some pressure care for patients- affordable.

How has Select/ or products, made life easier?

Being able to provide a trolley for our emergency patients to use



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